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Dec 15, 2017

Being healthy means more than just not being sick. Health is directly linked with success in the work place, success in relationships, in achieving higher levels of happiness, and to pretty much every other measure of success. But getting health is more than just diet and exercise.

I was recently a guest on the Valiant...

Dec 8, 2017

Studies have shown mindful meditation to alleviate pain, cancer, heart disease, depression, and anxiety. It is routinely one of the top remedies doctors prescribe to their patients to relieve stress. But who has time to meditate? Our lives are so jam packed, we can't afford to sit around and "do nothing," right?


Dec 1, 2017

Shit happens. Life throws curve balls at everyone. We often have little control over our circumstances. We do, however, have 100% control over how we *respond* to our circumstances!

Antony Sammeroff joins me for part five of a new series, where we review the lessons within his personal development course, Surviving to...

Nov 24, 2017

What would you give for a great marriage and a happy home? How much is it worth to avoid divorce?

In this podcast, I'm replaying a conversation I had with Pete Gerlach back in the spring of 2013.  In his therapy practice, Pete uncovered five hazards that will ruin your marriage and destroy your happy home.

Some of the...

Nov 10, 2017

Is your brain working for you or against you?

Our brains are complex organs. Sadly, they often work against us. If you don't understand how and why your brain does what it does, chances are it's working against you.

In today's episode, I have a conversation with Mary Shores, entrepreneur and author of Conscious...